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What matters the most in law is the firm you choose to represent you and the people you entrust with your case.

By choosing Noorhan Alzaabi Law Firm & Legal Consultancy, you will have a prominent law firm with a regional reputation for success in a complex and ever-changing legal landscape.


Our story goes back to 2006 to our founder Pierre Kayrouz. Armed with a passion for justice and a purpose of adding value, he had a vision to create a law firm that unites the brightest minds and provides seamless legal services and novel solutions to clients from all over the region. Kayrouz Associates was born.


Today, we take pride in our journey and to where it has led us. Kayrouz Associates launched a world-class joint venture with Noorhan Alzaabi Law Firm Legal Consultancy and ever since, the venture has grown and expanded to become one of the leading law firms in the nation providing end-to-end practices that cover all key legal services in all major sectors with 3 offices located in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Beirut.

Our prominence is characterized not just by the distinction of our work, but by the value of our team. Forward thinkers, creative advisors, and trusted pioneers in the practice of law, these are the people behind the success of our firm. With over 20 diverse attorneys and elite team members, our team is continually developing to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.


We provide strategic, solution-oriented services in a broad range of practice areas including civil, intellectual property (IP), corporate, business and commercial, criminal, employment and labor, energy (oil and gas), family, MA, sports, real estate, litigation, arbitration, dispute resolution, and much more.


At Noorhan Alzaabi Law Firm Legal Consultancy, we believe in the power of great partnerships. We always seek to create a culture of valuable partnerships with firms and people who share our values, mission, and vision, utilizing our resources to provide our customers with global competence, locally-rooted approach, and borderless expertise. Our supreme portfolio, spanning the very large companies to governments and individuals, helped us form unique partnerships with leading businesses such as Creative Zone, and a paramount consortium with CVML.

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Our mission is to provide unshakable commitment to each of our clients with the most effective legal representation possible. We are committed to understanding our client’s unique needs, creating practical solutions, and working hard to exceed their expectations and help them achieve their goals. We always seek to develop results-driven solutions to aid our clients in growing, managing risks, and protecting assets while serving as a strong advocate for their best interests.

  • Developing landmark legal everlasting impact
  • Providing quality and A-class outcomes
  • Constituting a high calibre human capital


Our vision is to lead by example by continually expanding to become the foremost full-service law firm of choice for regional and national corporate and institutional clients who desire strong, effective, and results-driven representation in UAE and the region.


We seek long-lasting client relationships, paramount partnerships, and borderless reach to sustain our legacy of fulfilling our clients’ changing needs in utmost quality and integrity.