Noorhan Alzaabi Law Firm & Legal Consultancy provides strategic, solution-oriented services in a broad range of practice areas including civil, intellectual property (IP), corporate, business and commercial, criminal, employment and labor, energy (oil and gas), family, M&A, sports, real estate, litigation, arbitration, dispute resolution, and more.

The team at Noorhan Alzaabi Law Firm & Legal Consultancy has over two decades of abundant experience and innovation. They have a regional reputation for success and are committed to providing creative original solutions to resolve cases quickly and successfully.

Noorhan Alzaabi Law Firm & Legal Consultancy has three offices located in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Beirut.

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Pierre Kayrouz is recognized as a leading practitioner in the nation because of his dedication to legal excellence and his proven record of distinguished success in some of the region’s most complex claims.

Maria Valeyeva embodies a unique blend of strategic thinking, meticulous organization, and an unwavering commitment to excellence and has established herself as a true trailblazer in the realm of legal compliance.

Hanan Ahmed Al Balushi advocates before the courts of the United Arab Emirates, tirelessly fighting for justice.

Fernando Ortega is a partner in the CVML Dubai office and heads the firm’s arbitration practice for the region. He has represented clients as counsel and advocate in numerous commercial, construction and investment arbitrations under the rules of major arbitral institutions.

Georges Touma is a dedicated justice seeker that has worked hard for years, gaining massive experience growing into a top lawyer. His humane and personalized approach towards his clients has helped him in achieving his goals.

Sandy Y. Geagea is an adaptive, focused attorney with a skill for tackling even the most challenging problems. With over 7 years of being in the field, Sandy is an experienced attorney with a record of successful cases, who works with each client to create sensible and efficient strategies for achieving client’s goals.

Rita Semaan is a diligent lawyer with an extensive knowledge and skill in interpreting laws, rulings and regulations for individuals and businesses, while researching, analyzing, and identifying legal risks and implications.

Priya Bavanasi’s talent and motivation has led her towards working hard and becoming a top corporate lawyer. Priya graduated top of her class from one of India’s reputed universities, and continued on to successfully clear the Indian Bar Council (IBC) and become a registered advocate.

Ragab Khalaf always knew that his purpose in life is to help out people and bring justice to the world. Ragab’s hard work and commitment towards his clients ensures that every effort will be made to resolve any legal issues they might face.

Carlos Rahme is a senior lawyer with more than 15 years of experience. With his exceptional skill set and legal knowledge, he advises and counsels businesses of diverse industries from inception through all stages of their life cycle.

Jenifer Abu Nasr is a dedicated legal professional with expertise in alternative dispute resolution and international law. She specializes in DIFC Courts, arbitration, and international law. She excels in drafting legal arguments, advising on arbitration agreements, and providing legal opinions.

Sana Iftikhar is an expert lawyer and legal consultant, and handles all matters relating to construction, corporate, commercial, criminal, civil, real estate, employment, and bank-related transactions.

Saeed Gaber is a qualified and experienced Legal Research Analyst with a wealth of professional experience. Saeed had always had a passion for the legal field and was always adamant that his goal is to help people.

Eileen Grace Reyes is the first point of contact for clients, greeting them warmly and handling their inquiries. With excellent communication and a friendly demeanor, she creates a welcoming atmosphere, putting clients at ease.

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Our story goes back to 2006 to our founder Pierre Kayrouz. Armed with a passion for justice and a purpose of adding value, he had the vision to create a law firm that unites the brightest minds and provides seamless legal services and novel solutions to clients from all over the region. Kayrouz Associates was born.

Dubai, UAE

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Beirut, Lebanon