Georges Touma

Head Litigator

George Touma is a dedicated justice seeker that has worked hard for years, gaining experience in the world of Law to become a top lawyer.  His humane and personalized approach towards his clients has helped him in achieving his goals.

Throughout the years, George has structured, discussed, and reviewed all types of contracts regarding civil law. His thirst for justice has pushed him over time to become more indulged in all legal matters, helping him become a leader in commercial and real estate law. 

Furthermore, George has provided brilliant recommendations regarding future legal matters, as well as work on establishing and editing all types of real estate contracts and agreements. 

On top of assisting his clients in drafting collective bargaining agreements, he has also advised them in labor and employment matters.

George Touma graduated from Lebanese university in 2004 and has been affiliated with the Beirut bar association since 2006. He is specialized in civil, commercial, real estate, as well as labor and arbitrative law