Sandy Y. Geagea

Legal Consultant

Sandy Y. Geagea is an adaptive, focused attorney with a skill for tackling even the most challenging problems.  With over 7 years of being in the field, Sandy is an experienced attorney with a record of successful cases, who works with each client to create sensible and efficient strategies for achieving client’s goals. 

Her strong sense of compassion for people, in addition to her ability to clarify and provide clear roadmaps in complex situations, helped sandy in becoming the top lawyer that she is today, involved in the most significant disputes in the region. Sandy has successfully represented countless entities and individuals before Lebanese tribunals.

Her desire to always learn, grown and evolve has pushed her and motivated her during her studies, pushing for further than a bachelor’s degree in law, she has gained Masters in Private Law. 

Her exceptional skills in drafting and analyzing pleadings, warning letters, and other legal documents, as well as providing legal research and advice have helped Sandy in becoming a leading lawyer in different fields of law. her experience across these fields made her an expert in matters related to Criminal law, Real estate law, Labor law & Employee benefit. Civil law, and Commercial &Corporate law. 

Sandy first got her bachelor’s degree in law with distinction in 2013, and continued on to get her Masters in Private Law in Lebanese University Faculty of Law & Political and Administrative sciences Branch II in 2014. Her love for learning and growing didn’t stop there, as sandy went on to earn an Inter-University Course on International Criminal Law and Procedures’ Certificate from T.M.C. Asser Institute and The Special Tribunal for Lebanon in February 2014.