Aline Nehme Cherfane

Arbitrator and international litigator

Aline Nehme Cherfane is a devoted lawyer with over 14 years of experience in Litigation, with notable and worthy analytical and communication skills that have helped her in her career. 

Aline’s passion towards learning and evolving led her to not only earn a LL.B. in Lebanese Law from Sagesse University in Beirut, but a DEA in private comparative law, and a PHD in business law from Jean-Moulin Lyon3 University in France as well, continuously developing her knowledge. 

With a strong background in the research field, as well as her experience in negotiating, drafting, interpreting and reviewing several laws, Aline has served diversified clients ranging from businessmen and companies to entrepreneurs, private individuals, and NGOs. In addition to assisting individuals and corporate clients with commercial matters and handling all their administrative and financial transactions, Aline has provided advice to distressed enterprises on issues pertaining to suspension of payments and composition with creditors to avoid bankruptcy.

On top of participating in several trainings and workshops related to insurance and business laws, Aline has numerous publications in the fields of Insurance and Commercial Law, and her book “L’assurance entre loi islamique et droit positif : l’exemple des droits français et libanais” was published by IRJS (institut de recherche juridique de la Sorbonne) Panthéon Sorbonne Paris University -and King Abdulaziz University.

Aline is a current lecturer at the Lebanese University-Lebanon, and Saint Joseph University-Lebanon, where she teaches private law courses including arbitration, bankruptcy, franchising and management contracts, real estate, and insurance.

Aline Nehme Cherfane specializes in comparative and business law with a focus on civil law, insurance, takaful, banking and Islamic banking, and real estate law.