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Welcome to Kayrouz & Associates, a distinguished law firm and proud sister company of Noorhan Alzaabi Law Firm & Legal Consultancy. We specialize in providing exceptional legal services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), drawing upon our extensive expertise and years of international experience.

With a solid foundation established over 15 years in Lebanon and the UAE, our firm has successfully resolved 572 cases, earned the trust of 15 valued partners, and assembled a team of 23 highly qualified lawyers. These accomplishments, combined with our unwavering dedication to excellence, position us as a leading law firm in the region.

At Kayrouz & Associates, we understand the complexities of the legal landscape and aim to navigate them efficiently and effectively. Our areas of specialization encompass corporate law, arbitration, and litigation, allowing us to provide comprehensive solutions to our diverse clientele. Whether you require guidance on corporate governance, contract drafting, intellectual property, lawsuits, or patents, our adept team is equipped to deliver optimal results. Additionally, we offer expert advice and representation in criminal law matters, handling a wide range of cases including Financial Crimes, Drug Crimes, Violent Crimes, Theft Crimes, Cyber Crimes, Sexual Crimes, and more.

As a sister company of Noorhan Alzaabi Law Firm & Legal Consultancy, we share a commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and client satisfaction. Together, we offer a formidable combination of legal expertise and resources, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible service and outcomes.

At Kayrouz & Associates, we take pride in our personalized approach to each client. We believe in forging strong, long-lasting relationships by truly understanding our clients' goals and concerns. By combining our deep legal knowledge with strategic thinking, we provide innovative and effective solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Transparency, clear communication, and timely responsiveness are the cornerstones of our practice. We keep our clients informed and involved throughout the legal process, offering clear explanations and answering any questions they may have. Our aim is to provide peace of mind and assurance that their legal matters are in the hands of experienced professionals who are dedicated to protecting their interests and advocating for their rights.

If you are seeking high-quality legal services with guaranteed results, Kayrouz & Associates is the firm to trust. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the difference our exceptional legal services can make in your life. Together with Noorhan Alzaabi Law Firm & Legal Consultancy, we are here to navigate the legal complexities and deliver the justice and results you deserve.

Our story goes back to 2006 to our founder Pierre Kayrouz. Armed with a passion for justice and a purpose of adding value, he had the vision to create a law firm that unites the brightest minds and provides seamless legal services and novel solutions to clients from all over the region. Kayrouz Associates was born.

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