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Our story goes back to 2006 to our founder Pierre Kayrouz. Armed with a passion for justice and a purpose of adding value, he had the vision to create a law firm that unites the brightest minds and provides seamless legal services and novel solutions to clients from all over the region. Kayrouz Associates was born.

Dubai, UAE

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Beirut, Lebanon

Pierre Kayrouz

Chief Legal Officer

With a triumphant history of 15 years in litigation and arbitration, Pierre Kayrouz has always been recognized as a leading practitioner in the nation because of his dedication to legal excellence and his proven record of distinguished success in some of the region’s most complex claims.

Acting for multi-national corporations, institutions, and individuals, both domestically and internationally, Kayrouz has a particularly strong record in construction legal fields along with law mastery in real estate, civil, commercial, property and environmental in the UAE. He holds extensive expertise in construction management, court document preparations and file pleadings before the court.

Excellent guidance and seamless legal support on construction disputes, construction defects, and land acquisition can be attributed to his vast experience, having continually represented key clients in the court of law and arbitration matters before DIFC – LCIA – DIAC and ICC.

Analyzing construction legal cases, determining liabilities for insurance companies and third-party subcontractors, handling cases related to death and injuries that occurred on construction sites, and mentoring junior construction lawyers are all parts of his skill assets as well.

Maria Valeyeva

Chief Compliance Officer

Maria Valeyeva, our exceptional Chief Compliance Officer and Office Manager at Noorhan Alzaabi Law Firm & Legal Consultancy, embodies a unique blend of strategic thinking, meticulous organization, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

With a wealth of experience spanning over a decade, Maria has established herself as a true trailblazer in the realm of legal compliance. Her profound understanding of intricate regulatory frameworks, coupled with her keen attention to detail, ensures that our firm and clients remain in full adherence to the ever-evolving legal landscape.

As our Chief Compliance Officer, Maria spearheads our commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards and ensuring robust regulatory compliance. Her comprehensive knowledge of both local and international compliance laws empowers our clients to navigate complex challenges with confidence and peace of mind. Maria's strategic insights and analytical prowess have proven instrumental in proactively identifying risks and implementing effective compliance strategies that safeguard our clients' interests.

In addition to her role as Chief Compliance Officer, Maria also serves as our Office Manager, leading our administrative team with finesse and precision. Her exceptional organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail ensure the smooth and efficient operation of our firm. From managing schedules and coordinating meetings to overseeing office logistics, Maria's expertise keeps our office running seamlessly, allowing our legal professionals to focus on delivering outstanding service to our valued clients.

Known for her unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence, Maria has earned the respect and admiration of both colleagues and clients. Her approachable demeanor and natural ability to build strong relationships cultivate an atmosphere of trust and open communication, making her an invaluable asset to our firm's success.

Hanan Ahmed Al Balushi

Practicing Lawyer

Meet Hanan Ahmed Al Balushi, an esteemed member of our distinguished legal team. Hanan spent two years excelling in the administrative field as a Studies and Research Officer at Dubai Municipality.

Currently, she advocates before the courts of the United Arab Emirates, tirelessly fighting for justice.

Her role in our law firm extends beyond courtroom appearances, as she provides legal advice and guidance to our esteemed clients. Hanan was awarded a full government scholarship to pursue her studies at Saint Joseph's University, where she graduated with honors in 2015. In 2022, she proudly obtained her master's degree from the Dubai Police Academy, achieving another honorary distinction.

Hanan’s expertise and dedication further strengthen our firm's ability to deliver outstanding legal solutions to our clients.

Georges Touma

Head Litigator

Georges Touma is a dedicated justice seeker that has worked hard for years, gaining massive experience growing into a top lawyer. His humane and personalized approach towards his clients has helped him in achieving his goals.

Throughout the years, Georges has structured, discussed, and reviewed all types of contracts regarding civil law. His thirst for justice has pushed him over time to become more indulged in all legal matters, helping him become a leader in commercial and real estate law.

Furthermore, Georges has provided brilliant recommendations regarding future legal matters, as well as work on establishing and editing all types of real estate contracts and agreements. On top of assisting his clients in drafting collective bargaining agreements, he has also advised them in labor and employment matters.

Georges Touma graduated from Lebanese university in 2004 and has been affiliated with the Beirut bar association since 2006. He is specialized in civil, commercial, real estate, as well as labor and arbitrative law.

Carlos Rahme

Senior Legal Consultant

Carlos Rahme is a senior lawyer with more than 15 years of experience. With his exceptional skill set and legal knowledge, he advises and counsels businesses of diverse industries from inception through all stages of their life cycle. He is renowned for his excellent customer relation and communication skills, and also has a diversified experience covering commercial, civil, real estate, labor and penal laws.

As he deeply believes in the good cause and the human nature of his profession, Carlos strives to avoid escalating disputes by negotiating and finding amicable solutions that are for the best interest of his clients.

Throughout his experience, Carlos created legal framework for startups and new businesses. In addition, he represented top businesses as their attorney for legal matters. In particular, he took care of labor related matters, company finances, board meetings resolutions execution, mergers and acquisitions and corporate liquidations.

Carlos Rahme is an active member of the Beirut bar association since 2006. He holds a lawyer diploma from the Lebanese university where he graduated in 2004. His education covers several law domains, but his specialization is in civil, commercial, real estate and labor law. He is fluent in Arabic, English, and French.

Souhad Al Ghorayeb

Senior Legal Consultant

Souhad Al Ghorayeb is a skilled lawyer with over 15 years of experience in the legal industry.

Souhad holds a Master’s degree in Private Law from the Lebanese University, sector 2 law and political sciences and political sciences.

His passion for law and his strong work ethics have enabled Souhad to achieve success in numerous high-profile cases.

He is a registered member of the Beirut bar association and has gained extensive expertise in various fields of law.

Souhad's areas of focus include the incorporation of companies, ranging from limited liability companies to joint stock companies, offshore and holding companies, as well as bankruptcy cases and bankruptcy protective composition cases.

Souhad provides assistance in the preparation of arbitrations, participated in several legal conferences at the Beirut Bar Association during the years 2006-2021.

With his broad range of knowledge and experience, his education covers several law domains, but his specialization is in civil and commercial law.

Souhad is known to be Mature, honest, dependable, and very hard working. He is undoubtedly a valuable asset to any legal team.

Sandy Y. Geagea

Legal Consultant

Sandy Y. Geagea is an adaptive, focused attorney with a skill for tackling even the most challenging problems. With over 7 years of being in the field, Sandy is an experienced attorney with a record of successful cases, who works with each client to create sensible and efficient strategies for achieving client’s goals. Her strong sense of compassion for people, in addition to her ability to clarify and provide clear roadmaps in complex situations, helped sandy in becoming the top lawyer that she is today, involved in the most significant disputes in the region.

Sandy has successfully represented countless entities and individuals before Lebanese tribunals. Her desire to always learn, grown and evolve has pushed her and motivated her during her studies, pushing for further than a bachelor’s degree in law, she has gained Masters in Private Law. Her exceptional skills in drafting and analyzing pleadings, warning letters, and other legal documents, as well as providing legal research and advice have helped Sandy become a leader in different fields of law. Her experience across these fields made her an expert in matters related to Criminal law, Real estate law, Labor law & Employee benefit. Civil law, and Commercial & Corporate law.

Sandy first got her bachelor’s degree in law with distinction in 2013, and continued on to get her Masters in Private Law in Lebanese University Faculty of Law & Political and Administrative sciences Branch II in 2014. Her love for learning and growing didn’t stop there, as sandy went on to earn an InterUniversity Course on International Criminal Law and Procedures’ Certificate from T.M.C. Asser Institute and The Special Tribunal for Lebanon in February 2014.

Rita Semaan

Legal Consultant

Rita Semaan is a diligent lawyer with an extensive knowledge and skill in interpreting laws, rulings and regulations for individuals and businesses, while researching, analyzing, and identifying legal risks and implications.

Spending her time after graduating in gaining broad experience in drafting, reviewing and negotiating legal and transactional documentations, governmental and public tenders from top law firms while simultaneously working towards her bar accreditation, Rita has always been a hard worker since day one.

Her immense thirst for knowledge combined with her commitment towards evolving in the world of law has pushed her towards participating in various trainings, and workshops, among which an Awareness Workshop related to the Special Tribunal of Lebanon as well as seminars related to counterfeit detection and protection of information security.

Rita has provided resourceful and innovative legal consultancy and counseling to numerous amounts of high level clients of the top law firms in Lebanon. Furthermore, using her strong background in the Research and Consulting Field towards her benefit, Rita was able to obtain extensive experience in drafting agreements, writing cases and conducting several researches related to parliamentary laws. Rita Semaan specializes in Labor Law, Criminal and Civil Law and has substantial experience in Commercial, Real Estate, Labor and Banking law.

Priya Bavanasi

Senior Corporate Counsel

Priya Bavanasi’s talent and motivation has led her towards working hard and becoming a top corporate lawyer. Priya graduated top of her class from one of India’s reputed universities, and continued on to successfully clear the Indian Bar Council (IBC) and become a registered advocate.

Her clear thirst for knowledge and need for evolving helped her gain needed experience as an intern in some of India’s elite institutions in her field such as High Court of Hyderabad (Telangana) and some district courts in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

She also got an opportunity to intern for HP (Hindustan Petroleum) – a reputed oil and gas company in India. The dedication that Priya has towards law led her to move to Dubai in 2019, where she gained an internship in an Asset Management for the Energy Industry in DMCC (an MNC).

Her immense skills have earned her the trust, respect, and confidence of both the clients and management to carry forward significant tasks in her area of work. The exceptional research, analytical and drafting skills that Priya has showcased, as well as her ethics, working enthusiasm and creativity affirm the quality of her work and make her a valuable asset to our company.

Priya is fluent in English, Hindi, and Telugu, and has written several articles in the field of law. She specializes in corporate law.

Eslam Ahmed Gabal

Senior Legal Counsel

Eslam Ahmed Gabal stands as a distinguished Senior Legal Counsel at Noorhan Alzaabi Law Firm, where he exemplifies a culmination of legal acumen and experience.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Law from Ain Shams University in 2008, Eslam embarked on a journey that encompasses a comprehensive understanding of multifaceted legal domains, including commercial, civil, property cases, and arbitration. His expertise further extends to the realm of execution orders, both domestically and internationally.

Eslam's unwavering commitment to professional growth led him to the acquisition of a Diploma in International Trade from the College of Law at Ain Shams University in 2023. This distinguished credential bolsters his prowess in navigating the intricate nuances of global commerce.

Eslam stands registered as a distinguished Legal Consultant with the Legal Affairs Department of Dubai, a testament to his profound grasp of legal intricacies within the UAE jurisdiction. His dedication reverberates on an international scale as he is a recognized member of the Egyptian Lawyers Association, solidifying his standing within the legal fraternity.

In recognition of his expansive expertise, Eslam proudly aligns himself with the Arab Lawyers Union, a distinguished affiliation that mirrors his commitment to legal excellence and cross-border collaboration.

Sana Iftikhar

Corporate Counsil

Sana Iftikhar is an expert lawyer and legal consultant, and handles all matters relating to construction, corporate, commercial, criminal, civil, real estate, employment, and bank-related transactions. She obtained her LLB from the prestigious University of Punjab. With eight years of experience within various law firms and government organizations in Pakistan, she brings valuable expertise to our team.

Sana's key expertise lies in corporate law, including joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, licensing, incorporation, liquidation, shareholder matters, resolutions, corporate power of attorneys as well as providing investment and business setup advisory.

In the commercial domain, Sana excels in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating commercial documents, contracts, and agreements.

With a strong background in litigation, Sana handles civil, family, banking, and criminal disputes, providing effective representation and guidance to clients.

Sana is a permanent member of the Punjab Bar Council and Lahore Bar Association, enrolled as an Advocate at the High Court of Pakistan. She has also received certificates of honor for securing top positions in Civics and Economics.

With her extensive experience, comprehensive expertise, and dedication to excellence, Sana provides exceptional legal support, ensuring a business environment with minimal legal and commercial risks for our clients.

Jenifer Abu Nasr


Jenifer Abu Nasr is a dedicated legal professional with expertise in alternative dispute resolution and international law.00 Holding an LLB Hons from Middlesex University and pursuing an LLM in International Dispute Resolution at the University of Birmingham, she brings a wealth of knowledge to our team.

Fluent in English with a proficiency in Arabic, Jenifer is able to effectively communicate and navigate legal matters with clients from diverse backgrounds.

Jenifer has worked on arbitration cases with Fernando Ortega at CVML. She represented Middlesex University in the Willem C. Vis Moot, showcasing her skills in drafting legal arguments and earning recognition as a top speaker.

At our firm, Jenifer specializes in DIFC Courts, arbitration, and international law. She excels in drafting legal arguments, advising on arbitration agreements, and providing legal opinions. With her three years of experience in the UAE legal industry, she offers valuable insights to our clients.

In addition to her professional work, Jenifer volunteers her time to help others. She has served as a camp counselor at a refugee summer camp organized by the Joint Christian Community. Her commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond the legal realm. With Jenifer's expertise, dedication, and passion for alternative dispute resolution, she is ready to assist clients in resolving their legal disputes effectively.

Saeed Gaber

Legal Research Analyst

Saeed Gaber is a qualified and experienced Legal Research Analyst with a wealth of professional experience. Saeed had always had a passion for the legal field and was always adamant that his goal is to help people.

With an impressive background in civil and criminal law, he has honed his skills over the course of five years in various reputable law firms in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. Saeed first started his career in Egypt dealing with cases that were viewed in front of the Supreme Constitutional Court.

Saeed’s extensive experience encompasses a wide range of legal areas including small dispute claims, construction, labor, real estate, criminal and family law.

Having studied Law at the Tanta University in Egypt from 2015-2019, he graduated with an LLB degree, showcasing his strong academic foundation that complements his practical experience in the legal field.

Eileen Grace Reyes

Executive Secretary

Introducing Eileen Grace Reyes, the dedicated and efficient secretary at our Law Firm. As the firm's secretary, Eileen is the first point of contact for clients, greeting them warmly and handling their inquiries. With excellent communication and a friendly demeanor, she creates a welcoming atmosphere, putting clients at ease.

Eileen is a master multitasker, managing schedules, appointments, and legal documents with precision. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures accuracy and efficiency, enabling the attorneys to work effectively.

Beyond her administrative responsibilities, Eileen fosters a positive work environment, collaborating with colleagues and providing support. Her experience in the legal industry allows her to anticipate needs and provide proactive assistance.